Luminate Wireless is developing a distributed mobile services network.

Mobile Networks in the Cloud

Transform the capabilities of mobile networks with resilient cloud-enabled networking and web-scale computing

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Luminate Mobile Cloud Controller

LMCC is a high-performance distributed system that virtualizes mobile network elements

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Luminate Enterprise Access Point

LEAP is a cloud-activated LTE access point that is services ready

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INsight™ Network and Cloud Management

INsight™ is a cloud network management system that gives service providers network visibility across all layers of their mobile network

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Our Customers and the Problems We Solve

Luminate is focused on enabling assured services using context-driven mobile networks. Our customers are enterprises, venue owners, service providers and consumers, who will benefit from the creation of personalized networks based on user context.

The end-to-end mobile network system developed by Luminate enables addition of capacity and fine-grained provisioning of services in venues and enterprises of any size. The system is designed to deploy enhanced managed mobility services such as analytics, security and unified communications, thereby improving productivity, collaboration and compliance using mobile devices. Other context-based services include smart building services, IoT integration and local content caching. Service providers and business partners benefit from a targeted mobile services network system that enables new revenue streams built on these enhanced context-based mobility services. These opportunities are expected to surpass $100B by 2020.





Our Company

Luminate Wireless enables highly flexible mobile networks with web-scale computing and cloud-enabled networking to simplify mobile network access and services delivery for enterprise customers. Our patented approach to software defined networks increases mobile network capacity, and creates new assured mobile services revenue opportunities for service providers and business partners.

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Luminate Wireless, Shortlisted for a Glomo Award.
Category: Best Solution for growing Smaller or Independent Networks

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Mobile Networks in the Cloud

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