Luminate Mobile Cloud

Built as a web-scale distributed system, delivering 3GPP VNFs (Virtual Network Functions) with scalability and resiliency.

  • Multi-tenant cloud solution designed for scalability and resiliency
  • Integrates with multiple MNO packet cores to support BYOD
  • Standard interfaces supporting 3GPP network functions
  • Luminate SONx for self-configuration and on-going optimization
  • Enterprise service monitoring and analytics
  • Enables enterprise services based on user context

LMC delivers virtualized 3GPP network functions by assembling a number of underlying scalable and resilient services, each running on distributed compute resources. The underlying services include load balancers, cryptographic engines, and communication framework. Platform components, such as a job scheduler, health check framework, and resilient databases, are also designed as services. Consistent ‘state’ is maintained across the system using a distributed file system, state sharing mechanisms, and state reconstruction algorithms, enabling failure management that is externally invisible.
INsight Management System

Providing visibility and control for all stakeholders including Enterprises and MNOs.

  • Enables enterprise visibility and control
  • MNO KPI (Key Performance Indicators) reporting
  • Provides configuration and monitoring of the 3GPP VNFs and RAN
  • Interfaces to Luminate’s SONx and AP cloud activation

INsight management system application runs within the LMC and provides configuration and monitoring for all the 3GPP VNFs and RAN elements that constitute the wireless infrastructure. INsight provides an Enterprise portal for IT administrators to gain visibility and control across their estate for all MNOs. INsight accesses a rich, unified data backend and control APIs, while its front-end visualization layer is abstracted from the backend services. The INsight application and backend services have been designed for data consistency and resiliency.
Luminate Enterprise Access Point

Access point for Enterprise LTE

  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Plugs into existing enterprise LAN
  • PoE powered
  • Fully managed by INsight
  • No RF or 3GPP expertise required
  • Seamless integration with macro network

Integrated with INsight, SONx, and zero touch provisioning service, LEAPs makes it quick and effortless to increase LTE coverage and capacity while maintaining seamless integration with the macro network. LEAP airlink is 3GPP compliant with proprietary system algorithms for airlink scheduling, power control, link adaptation, interference coordination, and self-configuration and self-optimization support. UE (User Equipment) mobility between LEAPs is hidden from the core network, even between enterprises. Handover is enacted over a direct X2 connection or via the X2GW.